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Latest Additions

2022.06.15: In den Gärten Pharaos (review Sounds)

2022.06.14: Popol Vuh beschreiben "Gärten Pharäos"

2022.05.09: Magick Brother Mystic Sister - Ja, deine Liebe ist ...

2022.04.11: Bob Degen Trio - Celebrations

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Photo Gallery

Most of the photos in this section are published with kind permission by Frank Fiedler and Bettina von Waldthausen.

Pohpol Vuh Introduction

The beginning

Pohpol Vuh Introduction

Baumburg and later

Pohpol Vuh Introduction

Florian Fricke

Dolf Mulder & Frank Fiedler

‘Me and Popol Vuh’

How Popol Vuh came in my life and stayed.