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From several sources we know about projects that were never finished or took another direction:

1. 'HIOB'

'Beatclub' was the first programm on German television bringing Anglo-American popmusic to the public (1965-1972).
Later on also German bands were included. Popol Vuh was on of them and appeared in Beatclub 66 on april 24th 1971 with the piece ‘Bettina’.
Most groups however recorded more songs then there were broadcasted.
They are listed in the book ‘Beat-Club - alle Sendungen alle Stars alle Hits’ (2005).
It makes mentioning of one Popol Vuh-piece that never came to the surface: ‘Hiob’
("BC 64 2/27/1971 Popol Vuh Hiob")


"Florian’s next project, which will take about a year to complete, is to be what he calls his ‘Opera’. He hopes to be able to make the film in Greece, and he may even use Greek singers on the soundtrack". (Neumusik)


LP: Cicada C 011 - 1988

"Florian Fricke & Co are now recording a brand new album entitled 'Der Gesang der Engel'. This time with a classical trained vocalist and Fairlight synth to create the magical choir. A part of the album will be used by Werner Herzog in his new movie 'Cobra Verde'. This title and other Popol Vuh titles will be issued by Cicada on cd".

It might also surprise you that Popol Vuh recently played live in Munich and that's it." (Cicada Records Newsletter)

“Der Gesang der Engel which was scheduled for release on Cicada has been postponed and quite likely be issued with a new title. What happened was that Popol Vuh became so involved with the Herzog soundtrack music that they recorded a soundtrack album for Milan instead of a new studio album.” (Cicada Records Newsletter 1)


I/e: How does the future of Popol Vuh look? Can we look forward to a few more cds?

Florian Fricke: Yes, we’re currently working on a new CD, and the production of a video with music based on pieces from the last few years. The film takes place in Greece, Asia and similar places. It’s about the confrontation of a very ancient world with a very modern one. We hope that this modern world will recognize itself in the mirror image of the ancient world. The current working title is Leuchtende Gärten (“Glowing Gardens”). I’m directing it with Frank Fiedler, a filmmaker who’s been a member of Popol Vuh for many years. It’ll be about fifty minutes long.(i/e Magazine)


“....zudem arbeitet Fricke derzeit mit dem Ex-DAF-Mitstreiter Robert Görl an, so Fricke, “Einer Art Ambient-Symphonie”. (Fachblatt Musik Magazin)


In che direzione si muove il futuro dei Popol Vuh?
Florian Fricke: “Pensando al mito di Prometeo ci sta venendo in testa uno strano lavoro su luce e musica; la vacultà delle luci che ci brillano di fronte agli occhi, il brillio della merce che si fa desiderare pur accecandoci, non è vera. Ci piacerebbe rappresentare questi bagliori in musica e viceversa dare luce ai suoni. C`è una luce molto forte che quasi non riusciamo a vedere, e, dentro di noi, ci sono dei ‘giardini pleni di luce’ ”.(La Gazzetta di Bari)


“Florian completed a new album just before his death. I have a pre-release of it and it is simply called "Piano Music", no track titles but apparently they do exist. It is absolutely beautiful music! His wife tells me that she expect to release it in the summer of this year.

Florian did release another album in the late nineties, this was called Mesa di Ora (i think) and was a recording of a live concert held to open a new cultural center in Italy.
Sadly, Florian was treated less than fairly by most of the record companies he dealt with during his long career and the market for his music was poorly served. I understand that his son will take the bull by the horns as soon as he has sorted out the legalities surrounding Florian's work. To my knowledge there is a Video shot in Tibet with Florian's music as the back drop that has not been released and there is also some interpretations of Bach that have also never seen the light of day”. 
-- Brian Williams, March 07, 2002