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Milan is a US label, specialized in soundtracks. The label premiered three albums of Popol Vuh. The first one being the final soundtrack Popol Vuh did for a Werner Herzog film: ‘Cobra Verde’ (1987). To be followed by ‘For You and Me’ (1991) and ‘City Raga’ (1995). Both 'Cobra Verde' and 'For You and Me' were released on vinyl and cd. 'City Raga' only as cd. All three of them also on cassette.

Also the label did three Popol Vuh-compilations:
Sing, For Song Drives Away The Wolves’ (1993). Fricke remixed tracks taken from several albums, with musical additions by Guido Hieronymus. So, it’s more than just a compilation of tracks taken from the catalogue.
Best Of Popol Vuh’ (1989), an album with fourteen tracks. Except for four, they appear in the same order on ‘Best Of Popol Vuh’(1993).
It is normal business in the rock and pop world to take a single from an album. Often it concerns remixed versions on 12”. In the case of Popol Vuh this only happened with the ‘City Raga’-album. Milan released two maxisingles and two cd-single.

Milan Records excels in producing numerous, unsignificant compilations. The ones that count Popol Vuh tracks:

1. ‘Horror and Science Fiction Film Music 3’  (1989) - Höre, der du wagst (Nosferatu) / Brüder des Schattens, Söhne des Lichts (Nosferatu)
2. ‘Classical Film Music’(1992) - La Crime Dire - 6:14 / Der Tod des Banditen - 2:32
3. ‘Music for Relaxation, Meditation and Concentration I’ (1992) - Dans la nuit, la neige (Nachts, Schnee) - 5:29 / Un autre monde (Eine andere Welt) - 10:10
4. ‘Music for Relaxation, Meditation Concentration’ (1993) - For you and me - 3:50
5. ‘Music for Relaxation, Meditation and Concentration, Vol III’ (1993) - As though the Angels walked on Earth - 2:11 / A different World - 5:04 / Finale - 4:34
6. ‘Listen to the Planet’ (1996) - City Raga
7. ‘Exotic Sounds from Many Worlds’ (1996) - City Raga
8. ‘Etoiles du Cinema’ (2000) - Als lebten die Engel auf Erden
9. ‘Pure Relaxation’ (2002) - Last Village / A Different World
10 ‘Cannes, Amours, Reves et Passions‘ (2007) - Als lebten die Engel auf Erden