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What music of Popol Vuh is actually used for this film?

Information below is based on the findings by David Goodine (Toronto). 

In order of appearance:

1. 'Wehe Khorazin' (excerpt)

Near the start of the film. From 'Sei still, wise ICH bin'.

2. 'Als lebten die Engel auf Erden' (0:12:30)

From 'Sei still, wisse ICH bin'.

3. 'Engel der Luft' (0:16:00)

From 'Die Nacht der Seele-Tantric Songs'

4. 'Engel auf Erden' (reprise) (0:40:30)

5. 'Engel auf Erden' (reprise) (0:43:30)

6. ‘Lass los’ (1:36:00)

Brief excerpt from the second half of the piece. From 'Sei still, wise ICH bin'. As well, in the trailer contained in the DVD of this movie, a longer excerpt from 'Lass los' is used.

7. 'Im Reich des Schatten' (1:57:00)

From 'Die Nacht der Seele'. On this track, Herzog slowed down the speed down, which gives it an eerie quality in the film.

8. 'Wehe Khorazin' (excerpt) (1:59:30)

9. 'Garten der Gemeinschaft' (2:06:30)

From 'Sei still, wisse ICH bin’

10. 'Garten der Gemeinschaft' (reprise) (2:13:30)

11. 'Wehe Khorazin' (reprise) (2:25:30)

Once again, Herzog slowed the speed down for this piece to give it a strange effect.