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Bandcamp:  2021 - US


du ölig Syndrom - 5:04
Althin ärar nervositeten - 8:37
gêna - 2:03
dé irones - 5:47
man osé - 3:30
ital samlet - 5:11
öd Ulan um - 9:31
Agfa Ion rietet - 5:18
Öl Ph Po Uv - 5:14 [ Youtube ]



“This album is me playing over loops of prominent Krautrock, Frenchrock, Scandinavian and Canadian psych rock records. Titles are anagrams of the artists i looped in their respective languages. I tried to emulate the sound and feel of these original records with both my playing style and the equipment i used. Mostly 100% analog, using my Klemt Echolette and an arsenal of fuzz pedals and reel to reel tape decks.” (Tarotplane)

Öl Ph Po Uv: “My guitar over a loop of Popol Vuh's ‘King Minos’".