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2015.06.07  -  To be expected this summer rom Wah Wah Records: Nosferatu - double lp

2015.03.15  -  Waxwork Records made following announcement on Facebook today: ‘We are beyond thrilled, and truly honored to announce, that Waxwork Records will be releasing a definitive, expanded double LP release of POPUL VUH's score to Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE’. Also on Instagram: We are beyond thrilled and honored to announce that we will be releasing an expanded, definitive double LP of Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE. Composed by POPOL VUH, we have been working directly with Florian Fricke's (Popol Vuh founder) family to create the ultimate LP release of the score. @_jseamans of LANDLAND will be creating album art and the score is being remastered for vinyl by @jyuenger. This will be the first of numerous Herzog/Popol Vuh scores we will be releasing on wax.    See also: Bloody Disgusting

2015.03.14  -  Five new vinyl-releases by Wah Wah Records (Barcelona) to be expected this summer: DAS HOHELIED SALOMOS (LPS157), AGUIRRE (LPS158), LETZTE TAGE, LETZTE NÄCHTE (LPS159), HERZ AUS GLASS (LPS160) and NOSFERATU (LPS161). All albums will have extras.

2015.01.16  -  The release of ‘Kailash’ by Soul Jazz is scheduled for march 16th. Unreleased Piano Recordings & The Tibet Journeys (3-Set: Double CD plus DVD / Double-Vinyl plus DVD). See: residentadvisor





2015.05.26  -  New Page: Skullcaster - Hüter der Schwelle

2015.05.19  -  New Page: Monografie vol.1: La Musica Elettronica

2015.04.25  -  New Page: S.Heaney, Loops along the River, in: Sight & Sound, 2013, vol.23, nr.7, p.56-57

2015.04.24  -  New Page: Il Ballo delle Castagne - Soundtrack for an unreleased Herzog Movie

2015.04.21  -  New Page: G.Augustin, Der Moog-Synthesizer, eine neue Welt tut sich auf

2015.04.20  -  New Page: Interiors feat Serena Fortebraccio - Heart of Glass 

2015.04.03  -  New Page: Manfred Miersch - Das Subharchord

2015.04.02  -  New Page: Headwaters: Attempted Explanation Of 'Mount Eerie' By The Microphones

2015.03.29  -  New Page: A Crushing Glow - Compiled by Matt Sewell

2015.03.20  -  New Page: Popol Vuh - Kailash

2015.02.12  -  New Page: Stephan Mathieu - Sacred Ground

2014.12.22  -  New Page: Adamennon - Singles

2014.10.20  -  New Page: Joy Division - Live at the Rainbow Theatre, november 10th, 1979

2014.10.16  -  New Page: Stygian Stride

2014.10.15  -  New Page: Ephemerol - Plenk!

2014.10.12  -  New Page: Endless Funeral - From this peaceful place .. to nowhere

2014.10.11  -  New Page: Babalon Working (2013)

2014.10.07  -  New Page: Popol Vuh cd1 & cd 2

2014.09.24  -  New Page: Krautrock Classics (Carlos & Friends: Steh auf, zieh mich dir nach)

2014.09.20  -  New Page: Robert Wilson - VOOM Portraits

2014.09.11  -  New Page: Sightseers (2012)

2014.09.08  -  New Page: Einstürzende Neubauten - Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala

2014.07.29  -  New Page: Valerio Cosi Plays Popol Vuh

2014.05.13  -  New Page: Les Étioles du Cinéma

2014.03.11  -  New Pages: Amarok Czukay - Caillou Curieux ; Classical Film Music

2014.03.02  -  New Pages: Ooga Boogas - Ooga Box; Plebeian - Life of Love

2014.02.09  -  New Pages: Discover Cosmic ; Einsjäger../Letzte Tage .. ; Sei Still .. / Agape.. ; Hosianna .. / In den Garten..

2014.01.13  -  New Page: This is Quadrophonic Music

2014.01.11  -  New Page: Two Originals of Werner Herzogs Nosferatu

2014.01.10  -  New Page: Aguirre / In den Gärten Pharaos

2014.01.03  -  New Page: The Gateless Gate - Germania

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