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2014.09.08  -  The Quietus (august 29th, 2014):  "Too Much The Darkness" The Werner Herzog Soundtracks Of Popol Vuh", an article by David Stubbs – author of ‘Future Days’(2014), to mark the British Film Institute's release of their stunning Werner Herzog blu ray box set. David Stubbs discusses the director's legacy of collaboration with Florian Fricke.

2014.09.07  -   "Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt, composed a new soundtrack for Werner Herzog's 'Aguirre, The Wrath of God' at the invitation of Film Fest Gent, Vooruit and art collective Stroom. Once described as an extremely intense and colorful living painting, this film tells the story of an obsessed and insane quest for the secret golden city of El Dorado through the inhospitable jungles of the Amazon rainforest. Danny Wolfers is a Dutch electronic producer and DJ who became world famous under the name Legowelt. He made a shortened, more visually oriented version of the film and provides the soundtrack with live synthesizers. Partly inspired by the original enchanting soundtrack by the German krautrock band Popol Vuh and the insane and legendary protagonist Klaus Kinski. This screening takes place in the Theaterzaal of Vooruit" (24-10-2014/20:00). See: Vooruit

  (from: Vooruit)

2014.08.23  -  This fall Souljazz will release the Kailash-dvd and soundtrack, as well as the long-awaited Piano Recordings supplemented by the three ‘Spirit of Peace’-tracks.

2014.07.03  -  After several months of delay, the album ‘Valerio Cosi plays Popol Vuh’is finally available now from the Dreamsheep label in a vinyl edition of 500 (400 black and 100 red vinyl).

Image of Valerio Cosi - "Plays Popol Vuh" LP - DS009

2014.01.03  -  Italian netlabel Batenim released the album ´Germania´ by The Gateless Gate (Allister Thompson). Thompson pays tribute to German electronic music from the 70s. Last track is dedicated to Florian Fricke: “Für Florian Fricke”. Download: Batenim. Listen: bandcamp. Release date: December 25, 2013.




2014.09.24  -  New Page: Krautrock Classics (Carlos & Friends: Steh auf, zieh mich dir nach)

2014.09.20  -  New Page: Robert Wilson - VOOM Portraits

2014.09.11  -  New Page: Sightseers (2012)

2014.09.08  -  New Page: Einstürzende Neubauten - Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala

2014.07.29  -  New Page: Valerio Cosi Plays Popol Vuh

2014.05.13  -  New Page: Les Étioles du Cinéma

2014.03.11  -  New Pages: Amarok Czukay - Caillou Curieux ; Classical Film Music

2014.03.02  -  New Pages: Ooga Boogas - Ooga Box; Plebeian - Life of Love

2014.02.09  -  New Pages: Discover Cosmic ; Einsjäger../Letzte Tage .. ; Sei Still .. / Agape.. ; Hosianna .. / In den Garten..

2014.01.13  -  New Page: This is Quadrophonic Music

2014.01.11  -  New Page: Two Originals of Werner Herzogs Nosferatu

2014.01.10  -  New Page: Aguirre / In den Gärten Pharaos

2014.01.03  -  New Page: The Gateless Gate - Germania

2013.12.28  -  New Page: The 1979 Foundation of Black Arts presents In The Garden Pharao

2013.12.22  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, Maya-kansan pyhä kirja, in: Musa, 10, 1976, p.28-9

2013.11.13  -  New Page: Pete Namlook & Peter Prochier - Possible Gardens

2013.11.12  -  New Page: Kenny Loggins/Popol Vuh/Azzaf

2013.11.03  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, ein neuer Sound, in: Hamburger Abendblatt, 1.4.1972

2013.09.06  -  New Page: Causa Sui - Euporie Tide 

2013.08.06  -  New Page Tangerine Dream - Zeit 

2013.06.23  -  New Page: Röyksopp - Late Night Tales

2013.06.15  -  New Page: Bibliography - Articles by Fricke for Süddeutsche Zietung (1967-1969)

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Pest - Pest

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Il Mucchio, nr.608, 2005 

2013.04.10  - 3 new Pages: Herz aus Glass; Nosferatu; Fitzcaraldo

2013.03.22  -  New Page: The Best of Krautrock

2013.03.21  -  New Page: Seligpreisung / Das Hohelied Salomos

2013.03.20 -- New Page: Hosianna Mantra 8cd Box

2013.03.20  -  New Page: Nosferatu Box Set

2013.02.20  -  New Page: Lebenszeichen

2013.02.19  -  New Page: Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2

2012.12.26  -  New Page: Economics of Happiness

2012.11.04 -  New page: Erebus - Son of Chaos and Light

2012-04-25 -  Update: 'Aguirre', 'Hosianna Mantra', ‘Sei stil, WISSE ich bin’ , 'Agape Agape Love Love', ‘Spirit of Peace'

Bettina told me once of the license Florian gave to some people from Eastern Europe for releasing several Popol Vuh titles. Recently I found evidence for this. In 1996 Andrzej and Mira Boryna (Boryna Foundation) had a personal meeting in Munich with Florian Fricke. During that meeting they got from him a licence for several titles on their Ananda Music label. Above mentioned albums – and maybe more? - were released on cassette. The Boryna Foundation is a organization dedicated to spreading the idea of using music as a tool for healing, therapy, supporting education. They consider Florian Fricke is one of their ‘Spiritual Patrons’.

2012.04.14  -  New Page: R.Mandolini, Popol Vuh, in: Raro, nr.139, 2002, p.68-71
2012.04.02  -  New Page: D. Fallowell, Siegfried Arising: A Report from Germany on Abstract Expressionism in Rock, in: Phonograph Record Magazine, may 1972, p.18-20
2012.01.02  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Bravo, 16,  1971 & Bravo, 45,1972

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