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2014.08.23  -  This fall Souljazz will release the Kailash-dvd and soundtrack, as well as the long-awaited Piano Recordings supplemented by the three ‘Spirit of Peace’-tracks.

2014.07.03  -  After several months of delay, the album ‘Valerio Cosi plays Popol Vuh’is finally available now from the Dreamsheep label in a vinyl edition of 500 (400 black and 100 red vinyl).

Image of Valerio Cosi - "Plays Popol Vuh" LP - DS009

2014.01.03  -  Italian netlabel Batenim released the album ´Germania´ by The Gateless Gate (Allister Thompson). Thompson pays tribute to German electronic music from the 70s. Last track is dedicated to Florian Fricke: “Für Florian Fricke”. Download: Batenim. Listen: bandcamp. Release date: December 25, 2013.

2013.08.15  -  New solo album of Gary Lucas will appear in October on Northern Spy Records, featuring versions of favourite music from films of Fellini, Hitchcock, Tati, Tarr, Herzog (Aguirre) a.o.

2013.08.01  -  Interview by Perfect Sound Forever with Bettina von Waldthausen on Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh.

2013.06.21  -  Interview by Dolf Mulder with Valerio Cosi on his album '.... Plays Popol Vuh'

2013.05.11  -  Interview by Enrico Bassi with Daniel Fichelscher on Youtube (publishted 2013.05.07).

2013.05.07  -  To be expected soon: Valerio Cosi - Plays Popol Vuh (Dreamsheep DS 009). Promising outtake here: soundcloud. . Pre-order the album from Cosi's Dreamsheep-label


2013.03.26  -  The Barcelona-based Wah Wah label announces the release of first five Popol Vuh albums in special editions for september. Have a look in their interesting backcatalogue in the meantime:

2013.03.18  -  In september-december 2012 the Japanese label Belle Antique released following albums, licensed from SPV: Affenstunde, In Den Garten Pharaos, Hosiana Mantra, Seligpreisung,  Einsjager & Siebenjager, Das Hohelied Salomos, Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte, Aguirre, Herz Aus Glas, Bruder Des Schattens - Sohne Des Lichts, Nosferatu, Die Nacht der Seele, Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin. The last five albums are also available as a Nosferatu-boxset.

2013.01.29  -  The Soul Jazz label will release a second Deutsche Elektronische Musik compilation in March.  It will contain two Popol Vuh tracks: ‘Der Grosse Krieger’ and  ‘Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei’.


2014.07.29  - New page: Valerio Cosi Plays Popol Vuh

2014.05.13  -  New Page: Les Étioles du Cinéma

2014.03.11  -  New Pages: Amarok Czukay - Caillou Curieux ; Classical Film Music

2014.03.02  -  New Pages: Ooga Boogas - Ooga Box; Plebeian - Life of Love

2014.02.09  -  New Pages: Discover Cosmic ; Einsjäger../Letzte Tage .. ; Sei Still .. / Agape.. ; Hosianna .. / In den Garten..

2014.01.13  -  New Page: This is Quadrophonic Music

2014.01.11  -  New Page: Two Originals of Werner Herzogs Nosferatu

2014.01.10  -  New Page: Aguirre / In den Gärten Pharaos

2014.01.03  -  New Page: The Gateless Gate - Germania

2013.12.28  -  New Page: The 1979 Foundation of Black Arts presents In The Garden Pharao

2013.12.22  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, Maya-kansan pyhä kirja, in: Musa, 10, 1976, p.28-9

2013.11.13  -  New Page: Pete Namlook & Peter Prochier - Possible Gardens

2013.11.12  -  New Page: Kenny Loggins/Popol Vuh/Azzaf

2013.11.03  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, ein neuer Sound, in: Hamburger Abendblatt, 1.4.1972

2013.09.06  -  New Page: Causa Sui - Euporie Tide 

2013.08.06  -  New Page Tangerine Dream - Zeit 

2013.06.23  -  New Page: Röyksopp - Late Night Tales

2013.06.15  -  New Page: Bibliography - Articles by Fricke for Süddeutsche Zietung (1967-1969)

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Pest - Pest

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Il Mucchio, nr.608, 2005 

2013.04.10  - 3 new Pages: Herz aus Glass; Nosferatu; Fitzcaraldo

2013.03.22  -  New Page: The Best of Krautrock

2013.03.21  -  New Page: Seligpreisung / Das Hohelied Salomos

2013.03.20 -- New Page: Hosianna Mantra 8cd Box

2013.03.20  -  New Page: Nosferatu Box Set

2013.02.20  -  New Page: Lebenszeichen

2013.02.19  -  New Page: Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2

2012.12.26  -  New Page: Economics of Happiness

2012.11.04 -  New page: Erebus - Son of Chaos and Light

2012-04-25 -  Update: 'Aguirre', 'Hosianna Mantra', ‘Sei stil, WISSE ich bin’ , 'Agape Agape Love Love', ‘Spirit of Peace'

Bettina told me once of the license Florian gave to some people from Eastern Europe for releasing several Popol Vuh titles. Recently I found evidence for this. In 1996 Andrzej and Mira Boryna (Boryna Foundation) had a personal meeting in Munich with Florian Fricke. During that meeting they got from him a licence for several titles on their Ananda Music label. Above mentioned albums – and maybe more? - were released on cassette. The Boryna Foundation is a organization dedicated to spreading the idea of using music as a tool for healing, therapy, supporting education. They consider Florian Fricke is one of their ‘Spiritual Patrons’.

2012.04.14  -  New Page: R.Mandolini, Popol Vuh, in: Raro, nr.139, 2002, p.68-71
2012.04.02  -  New Page: D. Fallowell, Siegfried Arising: A Report from Germany on Abstract Expressionism in Rock, in: Phonograph Record Magazine, may 1972, p.18-20
2012.01.02  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Bravo, 16,  1971 & Bravo, 45,1972

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