In this section I'll try to shed some light on several aspects of Popol Vuh and their music. Making use of sources for as far as they are known to me. I have listed them in the bibliography. 

• Popol Vuh  - record labels
Over the years the music appeared on numerous recordlabel

• Popol Vuh  - as religious music
Florian Fricke and his mates understood their music as religious music.

• Popol Vuh - as film music
At the same time the music is often composed for and/or used for films of Werner Herzog, a.o.

• Popol Vuh - live:  
How did they try to built up an audience for their music? Performing live was not important for them.

• Popol Vuh - announced or mentioned but never released:
Over the years Florian Fricke made mentioning of projects and collaborations that never made it.

• Biographical Notes:
On crucial collaborators and other related persons.

• Choir organ:
What can be said of this mysterious instrument so important for the 'Aguirre'-theme.

• Moog:
With this instrument it all started. What did they expect from it?

• Atemtherapie:
Another activity of Florian Fricke. How is it related to his music?

• This and Thats:
   - Popol Vuh in Dance Productions
   - Popol Vuh in VOOM Portraits by Robert Wilson

• Bibliography


Dolf Mulder at the Klaus Kuhnke Archiv, Bremen. Summer 2008,