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POPOL VUH BEYOND – Requiem for Florian Fricke

MP3: Bandcamp – 2019


Here is no war - 6:14
New ride - 5:36
Like life itself - 4:47
You better sing - 7:26
On a whales back - 8:20
Everybody wants to be free - 7:15
Florians dream - 2:42
Riding a whales back  - 8:33


“Popol Vuh is still alive

the beginning of German electronic music

Florian Fricke lives on in his piano and Moog tracks in the middle of our new project "Popol Vuh beyond"

a new Berlin soul mood in the timewarp machine

from two old members of Popol Vuh and a new balkanian voice

in the spirit of Florian's musical genius

It was a great journey for us to continue Florian's legacy.

enter and let yourself be thrilled”


Released September 5, 2019

Florian Fricke: piano, moog3, vocals
Biljana Pais: vocals, lyrics, programming
Guido Hieronymus: all keys, guitars, programming, arrangement
Frank Fiedler: tibetan sound bowls, sound sampling
Friedemann Wieland: big tamtam

Cover painting: Tamara Ralis - Kind durch die Zeit
Cover art: Frank Fiedler
Produced by Frank Fiedler, Biljana Pais, Guido Hieronymus

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