​Established in 2012, One Way Static Records is one of the leading re-issue labels for horror and cult themed soundtracks. The label  is  focused on releasing high quality motion picture soundtracks, experimental electronic music from all eras & modern day re-scores on high grade packaged vinyl editions.

For  the first time all three ‘Spirit of Peace’ piano tracks - first released by Celestial Harmonies in 1983 - are included on an edition of the ‘Sprit of Peace’-album.    

On ‘Agape –Love’  the bonustrack  ‘Circledance’ is included, which was featured earlier on the SPV-edition. Both other albums however are without the bonus tracks included on the SPV-editions.

So far they did four Popol Vuh albums:


March 21, 2017

OWS16                 Cobra Verde (1000 copies. Green Vinyl. With insert)

May 17, 2017

 OWS14                Agape-Love (700 copies black vinyl; 300 copies coloured vinyl)

 OWS15                Spirit Of Peace (700 copies black vinyl, with screen-printed D-side; 300 copies coloured vinyl)

Aug 02, 2017

 OWS18                For You And Me (700 copies black vinyl; 300 copies black & clear swirl vinyl)