2019.06.28 - Interview with Frank Fiedler in: Prog, nr. 99, june 2019. Text is also published here: More Dark Than Shark

2019.06.06 - ‘Popol Vuh – Emotional Enlightment’ : Interview by Eclipsed with Frank Fiedler on the occasion of the release of ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol.1’.

2019.06.04 - 'The Essential Album Collection Vol.1' boxset has been nominated for the Reissue Of The Year Award at this year’s 2019 Progressive Music Awards. Voting is now LIVE and remain open until midnight August 9. So please make sure to show some support for a tremendous product and a groundbreaking band.

2019.03.24 - A great find: fully transcribed interviews with Florian Fricke for German radiostation SWF3 (1972-1973). With many thanks to Hans Fellner (Luxembourg)!

2019.03.12 - ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1’ :  In April BMG reissue five 1970s albums as separate CDs and LP box set

2018.10.18 - New album ‘The Moment of Creation’ by Mathias Grassow comes with two bonustracks. One of them is a dedication to Popol Vuh: ‘Spirit Of Peace (Inspired by Florian Fricke - Popol Vuh ) A Hommage’ (67:35).

2018.10.18 - Allister Thompson (aka The Gateless Gate) remixed and remastered his album ‘Germania’ (2013). This album has a homage to Florian Fricke: ‘Für Florian Fricke’. Together with two other remixed albums, all three are now included on ‘Germania+

2018.03.07: One Way Static Records anounces: ‘Messa di Orfeo' (color vinyl LP with insert/1000 copies) and ‘Florian Fricke spielt Mozart' (2XLP SET/1000 copies). Both for the first time on vinyl. Available on April 21.


2018-02-07: Announced by Transmission Records, ‘Affenstunde’ (transparent blue vinyl) by Klimt Records. Release date: 2018-03-01



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2019.07.13  -  New Page: F.Fricke, Wort, Gesang, Klang, in: Germania, nr.3, 1972, p.16-17

2019.07.12  -  New Page: J.Parker, Die Nacht der Seele, in: Mirage, nr.3, december 1980 (english)

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2019.07.08  -  New Page: I.Laycock, Popol Vuh: an interview with Florian Fricke by Ian Laycock in 1989, in: Audion, 35, (english)

2019,07.05  -  New Page: Werner Herzog - Cobra Verde

2019.07.01  -  New Page: D.E.Asbjornsen, Cosmic Dreams at Play - A Guide to German progressive and electronic rock, Strange Vertigo, 2008

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2019.03.12 - New Page: Popol Vuh - The Essential Album Collection Vol.1

2019.02.02 - New Page: G. & T. Cappelli, Popol Vuh - L'ora della scimmita, in: Re Nudo, nr. 71, p.42.43 (italian)

2018.10.18 - New Page: Mathias Grassow - The Moment of Creation

2018.07.25 - New Page: Baby Blue Aura

2018.07.20 - New Page: Kerry Leimer - Mitteltöner

2018.07.19 - New Page: Thunderbolt Pagoda - Vestiges: Artifakt Sessions 2015

2018.07.11 - New Page: Jorgen Lamb - In die Sonne

2018.07.10 - New Page: Christina Curiel - 2018

2018.07.10 - New Page: Urthona - Destruction Rules

2018.03.13 - New Page; G.Augustin, Popol Vuh - An Interview with Florian Fricke, in: Marquee, nr.067, august 1996, p.38-40 (japanese)

2018.03.06 - New Page: M.Baiata - Pop Tedesco - Popol Vuh: L'elettronica delle sensazioni, in: Stereoplay, nr.35, p.116 (italian)

2018.02.24 - New Page: X.Y.R. - The El Dorado LP

2018.02.24 - New Page: Kevin O'Neill - The Secret Tapes

2018.02.24 - New Page: Christian Tiger School - Third Floor

2018.01.07 - New Page: F.Fricke, Du und deine 7 Millione Gefühle oder Music liegt in der Luft, in: Twen, nr.3, 1971, p.108-109


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