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2017.03.13 - Wah Wah announcement:

2017.03.06  -   To be expected in april: rerelease ‘Cobra Verde’ by the One Way Static-label (green vinyl. 1000 copies). Comes with insert and extensive liner notes.

2017.01.05  -  Wah Wah Records (Barcelona) plans a rerelease of ‘Die Nacht der Seele’, ‘Sei still, wisse ich bin’ and ‘Die Erde und ich sind Eins’ for spring 2017. All on vinyl.

 2016.12.08 - Message Roland Appel (Facebook)

  2016.11.04  - Another recent study on Krautrock: Alexander Simmeth, Krautrock Transnational, Die Neuerfindung der Popmusik in der   BRD, 1968–1978, Transcript, 2016

  Pages on Popol Vuh can be read via Google Books

  2016.10.25  -  ‘Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach’ on 6CD Box Set ‘Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide’. To be released in

  November by Purple Pyramid. 





   2016.10.13 - New book on Krautrock: Krautrock – German Music in the Seventies (University of Michigan Press, 2016)  by Ulrich Adelt.

   He devoted a chapter to Popol Vuh: Ecstatic Heritage: Popol Vuh’s Soundtracks for Werner Herzog (110-127)








  2016.09.20 - 'Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts (abridged)' on new compilation: 'Microcosm; Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986'.

 2016.08.19  - "Die grosse Evolution" : a documentary on philosopher and artist Fritz Schranz by Matthias Luthardt.

Schranz, who died earlier this year, had his base in Pfarhof,Peterskirchen for many years and was a partner of Gottliebe von Lehndorff. He was neighbours with Popol Vuh who also lived at this place for a while in the early 70s.

The documentary contains part of the 'Improvisation'-video of Popol Vuh, shot on location, and some footage that has Florian Fricke in the company of others who lived there.




2016.08.12 - Cortona Mix Festival 2016 - Popol Vuh in one program with Johan Sebastian Bach and Arvo Part in a concert for voice and musicians with Caterina Murino and Riccardo Vannuccini, on august 4.


2016.07.18 - In the trailer of the new horror film ‘The Conjuring 2’, ‘Brüder des Schattens’ appears at about 29 seconds

2016.07.18  - ‘Slipped Through Heaven’, track from new ‘Felder’ album (Thrill Jockey) by Jan St Werner (Mouse on Mars), uses an unreleased piano phrase from ‘Spirit of Peace IV’, courtesy Johannes Fricke Waldthausen/Edition Popol Vuh.

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2017.03.17 - New Page: Inside the Cloud - II (cover Agape Agape)

2017.03.06 - New Page: InnovativeCommunication / Racket

2017.02.28 - New Page: Brain The Box: Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979

2017.02.28 - New Page: King Records

2017.02.27 - New Page: Arcangelo

2017.02.17 - New Page: Black Mountain - IV

2017.02.17 - New Page: Mandible Chatter - A Farewell to Florian

2017.02.09 - New Page: F.Ghisellini, Popol Vuh - Deutschland über Alles, in: Nuovo Sound, nr.3, p.11 

2017.02.04 - New Page: Qaf - The Sacred Mountain

2017.02.04 - New Page: E.Pouncey, My Strange Life - Interview with Florian Fricke, in: Soundprojector 2, 1997

2017.01.16 - New Page: Skye Monro - Phonium

2017.01.13 - New Page: Label Milan Records

2017.01.04 - New Page: Label Celestial Harmonies

2017.01.04 - New Page: Reviews Cobra Verdre

2016.11.29 - New Page: F.Ghisellini, Popol Vuh In den Garten Pharaos, in; Super Sound, nr.14, 1973 

2016.10.26 - New Page: Steve Rowell - Parallelograms

2016.10.26 - New Page: Fabienne Strouvé - 'Trois Peintres' & 'Mati Klarwein, Peinte Américain

2016.10.26 - New Page: Popol Vuh Revisited & Remixed, in: Zeit-online, 2011 (interview with Jan St.Werner) 

2016.10.25 - New Page:  Popol Vuh 1-2, 3-4

2016.10-25 - New Page: Space Rock: An Instellar Traveler's Guide 

2016.10.20 - New Page: Odd Nosdam - Le Mix Ambient

2016.10.20 - New Page: Marco Lucchi - Kosmische

2016.10.18 - New Photo. See Photo Gallery. Photo supplied by Frank Fiedler    

2016.09.25 - New Page: Empirical Sleeping Consort - The Layers of Awakening

2016.09.25 - New Page: St Jan Werner - Felder

2016.09.24 - New page: High Tide Records

2016.09.24  - New page: Egg Records

2016.09.20 - New page: Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986

2016.03.22 - New Page: Spalax Records

2016.02.23 - New Page: A Bigger Splash (orginal soundtrack)

2016.02.11 - New Page: Bettina von Waldthausen

2016.01.17 - New Page: Small Entries on 'Popol Vuh' in: Musik Express, 1971-1975

2016.01.11 - New Page: K.-H.Borchert, Drei deutsche Gruppen, die dem deutschen Rock neue Impulse geben könnten
in: Musik Express, june, 1973

2016.01.08 - New Page: Chazadu, Popul Vuh über Popul Vuh,in: Musik Express,1972, nr.2

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