2021.09.03  -  ‘Vol.2 – Acoustic & Ambient Spheres’. 4LP box of ‘Cobra Verde’, ‘Agape-Agape Love-Love’,  ‘Coeur de Verre’ and ‘Seligpreisung’. Estimated release date: 22 october 2021 / Youtube


2021.07.10  -  Again a new book on 'Krautrock' is pulbished: 'Future Sounds' by Christoph Dallach. No surprise a chapter on the Moog is included, focusing on early Popol Vuh with many statements by Franf Fiedler, Gerhard Augustin, a.o.

2021-06-28 - Released June 1: “A Raga For Florian ◎ In einem unbekannten Land und einer unbekannten Zeit” by Valerio Cosi. Originally released in an ultra-limited quantity and privately pressed for friends only (30 copies, January 2007) with a different title ("A Sacred Homage To Florian Fricke"). "A Raga For Florian" has Valerio diving deep into German Kosmische Musik, heavily manipulating samples from the band Popol Vuh (prominently Dyong Yun's vocals) and his own album "Conference of the Aquarians" (a slowed down version of "Part III" with Enzo Franchini on drums).

2021-05-28  -  Italian musician Leonardo Barbadoro (aka Koolmorf Widesen) recorded music for his 'Musica Automata'-project played by the robots of the Logos-studio of Godfried Willem Raes. The album will contain his own compositions. But he recorded also some of his favourite film music. Listen here to his tasty rendition of the ‘Aguirre’-theme.

2021.04.26  -  March 17, Gerhard Augustin passed away aged 79. As a music producer he signed Popol Vuh in 1970 for United Artists for their debut album ‘Affenstunde’. Also he played a role in later stages of the career of Popol Vuh. Recently - since June 2020 - several tapes from the video-archive of Augustin are uploaded on youtube. Among the uploads is an interesting one-hour interview with Florian Fricke.

2021.03.22 - Interesting interview with Frank Fiedler by It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine, covering the early days up to present times (Popol Vuh Beyond)

2020.11.26  -  Documentary ‘KRAUTROCK 2’ by Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder scheduled for release in january 2021.

Krautrock 2 concentrates on German Krautrock bands from the South of Germany, including Popol Vuh.Munich was a cultural epicenter for music and film (and still is). Here is where Florian Fricke, the founder of Polpol Vuh, met German film director Werner Herzog. Florian worked with Herzog on music scores for films like Cobra Verde, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, Nosferatu the Vampire, Heart of Glass, and the award-winning film Fitzcarraldo, about the Opera-loving European Brian Fitzgerald (Klaus Kinski) who, in order to become a successful rubber baron, plans to bring a massive boat over a mountain in the Peruvian jungle. Krautrock 2 talks about Popol Vuh. We hear insights from Daniel Fichelscher (Popol Vuh) and Renate Knaup (Amon Düül II) who were close to Florian. Florian Fricke who died in 2001, was the first musician who had a Moog synthesizer in Germany and with that instrument he started to experiment and created music that didn’t exist before. Popol Vuh broke new ground and created something on their own.”(Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder/

2020.10.27  - 'Bronze  Abstraction - Finematter', upload from Popol Vuh Beyond on Youtube, with Friedemann Wieland on soundbowles and Frank Fiedler gong.

2020.10.19  -  Review by Davide Sette of the Popol Vuh Beyond (Guido Hieronymus & Biljana Pais) concert at Time Zones Fesitval (Bari, 17.10.2020) for cultural magazine Primo Piano

2020.10.12   -   ‘Requiem for Florian’, an album released under the moniker Popol Vuh Beyond by Frank Fiedler (tibetan soundbowles, gong, skins, synths) and Friedemann Wieland (tibetan soundbowles, gong, skins, synths). Digital  release at bandcamp.

2020.10.08  -  Popol Vuh Beyond (Biljana Pais, Guido Heronymus) will do a live performance of their album ‘Requiem for Florian’ at the Times Zones Festival  in Bari on October 17th 2020


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2020.06.20  -  Update: Biblography - Articles by Florian Fricke for Süddeutsche Zeitung. Complete list.

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2020.05.03  -  4AD Art Pop - Volume I & Volume IV

2020.04.20  -  V.Colangiulu, Florian Fricke, il maestro delle piccole emozioni, in: Roma, 23-9-1998

2020.04.20  -  N.Morisco, Il Volo di Capitan Cosmo, in: Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, 19-9-1998

2020.04.03  -  Mystic Records

2020.04.02  -  Popol Vuh - Kha (bootleg single)

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