2019-09-11  -  The ‘Requiem for Florian’ – project by Popol Vuh Beyond (Frank Fiedler, Biljana Pais, Guido Hieronymus) has been published on bandcamp, Released September 5th

  "Popol Vuh is still alive
  the beginning of German electronic music
  Florian Fricke lives on in his piano and Moog tracks
  in the middle of our new project "Popol Vuh beyond"
  a new Berlin soul mood in the timewarp machine
  from two old members of Popol Vuh and a new balkanian voice
  in the spirit of Florian's musical genius
  It was a great journey for us to continue Florian's legacy."

  (source: bandcamp)


2019.08.09  -  New Project: Popol Vuh Beyond. In an interview for Prog (june 2019) Fiedler states he supplied rare piano  and Moog III tracks by Popol Vuh to Guido Hieronymus who used it for compositions. Fiedler:  "His wife, Biljana Pais, wrote lyrics and she has a fantastic gospel voice, and so we suddenly had a project: the name is Popol Vuh Beyond and the title is Requiem For Florian". First results: :  ‘Sing Fool Sing’ and  ’Golden Isle’

2019.06.28 - Interview with Frank Fiedler in: Prog, nr. 99, june 2019. Text is also published here: More Dark Than Shark

2019.06.06 - ‘Popol Vuh – Emotional Enlightment’ : Interview by Eclipsed with Frank Fiedler on the occasion of the release of ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol.1’.

2019.06.04 - 'The Essential Album Collection Vol.1' boxset has been nominated for the Reissue Of The Year Award at this year’s 2019 Progressive Music Awards. Voting is now LIVE and remain open until midnight August 9. So please make sure to show some support for a tremendous product and a groundbreaking band.

2019.03.24 - A great find: fully transcribed interviews with Florian Fricke for German radiostation SWF3 (1972-1973). With many thanks to Hans Fellner (Luxembourg)!

2019.03.12 - ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1’ :  In April BMG reissue five 1970s albums as separate CDs and LP box set


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