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CDR: Elastic Rock ER 004 -
CDR: ?


Steh Auf, Zieh Mich dir Nach (voc. Renate Knaup)
Improvvisazione (strumentale)
Inedito (voc. Florian Fricke)
Agnus Dei "versione alternativa" (voc. Florian Fricke)
Hosianna Mantra (voc. Renate Knaup + Florian Fricke)
Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte (voc. Renate Knaup)
Improvvisazione (voc. Renate Knaup + Florian Fricke)
Kyrye (voc. Renate Knaup)
In Deine Hände (voc. Renate Knaup + Florian Fricke)
Hosianna Mantra "reprise + improvvisazione" (voc. Renate Knaup)


Florian Fricke : piano & voice
Daniel Fichelscher : guitar
Renate Knaup : voice & percussion



This concert at Statale University (Milan) in 1975 was promoted by the 'Gong' magazine (a magazine about progressive-experimental rock), after R.U. Kaiser established an agreement with the PDU label for licensing the Ohr/Pilz/DKK records in Italy. The concert was opened by a very young Roberto Cacciapaglia, who played a part of 'Sonanze'. The rest was played by Popol Vuh.



Elastic Rock:


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