-  SOUNDSAMPLES  -

Because of the numerous compilations, soundtracks, rereleases, etc. I have ordered the discographical information into several sections. This classification is a little arbitrary, but it helps to bring some order in the bulk of rereleases and soundtracks. The Discography-section is subdivided as follows:

• Albums
Popol Vuh released 22 records. The very dubious 'Future Sound Experience' release, I have listed as an compilation. The 'Yoga'-album you find in the 'Miscellaneous'-section. Most albums have been rereleased many times during the years on a variety of recordlabels, etc.

Most Popol Vuh albums have been rereleased by the German SPV-label (overview).

• Miscellaneous
Besides the albums, what other material of Popol Vuh is available.

• 2 albums on 1
Many albums of Popol Vuh were rereleased as a double album, or as two albums on one cd. 

• Popol Vuh Compilations
Compilations of Popol Vuh Music are numerous.

• Compilations with Popol Vuh
Even more compilations exist that carry one of more songs of Popol Vuh.

• Popol Vuh covered or interpreted by
Because Popol Vuh was and still is an influential band, it is no wonder that other musicians tried to interpret some of their work.  

• Tributes, allusions, etc

This influence is also reflected by other references that musicians made.