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HEADWATERS: An Attempted Explanation Of 'Mount Eerie' By The Microphones

BOOK & CDR: book, 20 pp.; CD, 14 tr.; self-released, 2003, US


Peter And Josie Dialog - Twin Peaks

Generique/A Felicidade/Frevo/O Nosso Amor (From The Soundtrack To "Black Orpheus") - Antonio Carlos Jobim

Sade - Slave Song

Neil Young - Powderfinger (Live)

Bjork - Hidden Place (A capella)

Julie Doiron - Don't Ask

Little Wings - Fall Flood

Dinosaur Jr. - Out There

Bubba Sparxxx (Ft. Missy Elliott & Timbaland) - Ugly (Portion)

Dialog, John Goodman As "Walter" - The Big Lebowski

Karl Blau - Vultures

Elevator Through - Sleep Experiment No.3

Popol Vuh - Wehe Khorazin

Open Wide (Ft. Sebastian) - Bubba Sparxxx


For any fans of the 2003 K Records release "MOUNT EERIE" by the Microphones, this is an essential item, a handmade, substantial booklet of libretto, annotations and other notations, as well as a mix CD put together by Phil to illuminate some of the influences behind the recording.


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