with Popol Vuh:

1970    Affenstunde
1971    Bettina
1972    In den Garten Pharaos


1969   Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei
1970   Embryo - Opal



Holger Trülzsch was born and raised in Munich (1939). Both his parents were architects.
He studied painting and sculpture at the ‘Akademie der bildenden Künste’ in Munich (1960-1965).
As a left-wing student he was an active member of the Sozialistischen Deutschen Studentenbundes (SDS) and one of the leading forces of the student protests in this same city.

Successively he worked as a sculptor, musician, painter, and finally as a photographer.

He was co-worker for ‘Die beispiellose Verteidigung der Festung Deutschkreutz’, a short film by Werner Herzog (1967).

From that same year dates his first musical effort: ‘Projekt 1967' (‘Klangskulpturen in geschlossen und freien Raumen’). In 1969 he joined Popol Vuh and played turkish drums on ‘Phallus Dei’ by Amon Düül II. In 1970 he assisted Embryo on their ‘Opal’ album, playing bongos. In 1970 his collaboration began with photomodel Verushka (Vera von Lehndorff) that lasted for two decades. Famous are their ‘Oxydationen body painting’-series.

Gottliebe von Lehndorff, the mother of Vera, owned an estate in Peterskirchen outside of Munich. This is where Popol Vuh, Anima (Limpe and Pauls Fuchs) a.o., settled down at the end of the sixties. Holger Trülzsch still has a pied à terre there. Since 1983 he lives mainly in Paris. 


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