2019-09-11  -  The ‘Requiem for Florian’ – project by Popol Vuh Beyond (Frank Fiedler, Biljana Pais, Guido Hieronymus) has been published on bandcamp, Released September 5th

  "Popol Vuh is still alive
  the beginning of German electronic music
  Florian Fricke lives on in his piano and Moog tracks
  in the middle of our new project "Popol Vuh beyond"
  a new Berlin soul mood in the timewarp machine
  from two old members of Popol Vuh and a new balkanian voice
  in the spirit of Florian's musical genius
  It was a great journey for us to continue Florian's legacy."

  (source: bandcamp)


2019.08.09  -  New Project: Popol Vuh Beyond. In an interview for Prog (june 2019) Fiedler states he supplied rare piano  and Moog III tracks by Popol Vuh to Guido Hieronymus who used it for compositions. Fiedler:  "His wife, Biljana Pais, wrote lyrics and she has a fantastic gospel voice, and so we suddenly had a project: the name is Popol Vuh Beyond and the title is Requiem For Florian". First results: :  ‘Sing Fool Sing’ and  ’Golden Isle’

2019.06.28 - Interview with Frank Fiedler in: Prog, nr. 99, june 2019. Text is also published here: More Dark Than Shark

2019.06.06 - ‘Popol Vuh – Emotional Enlightment’ : Interview by Eclipsed with Frank Fiedler on the occasion of the release of ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol.1’.

2019.06.04 - 'The Essential Album Collection Vol.1' boxset has been nominated for the Reissue Of The Year Award at this year’s 2019 Progressive Music Awards. Voting is now LIVE and remain open until midnight August 9. So please make sure to show some support for a tremendous product and a groundbreaking band.

2019.03.24 - A great find: fully transcribed interviews with Florian Fricke for German radiostation SWF3 (1972-1973). With many thanks to Hans Fellner (Luxembourg)!

2019.03.12 - ‘The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1’ :  In April BMG reissue five 1970s albums as separate CDs and LP box set

2018.10.18 - New album ‘The Moment of Creation’ by Mathias Grassow comes with two bonustracks. One of them is a dedication to Popol Vuh: ‘Spirit Of Peace (Inspired by Florian Fricke - Popol Vuh ) A Hommage’ (67:35).

2018.10.18 - Allister Thompson (aka The Gateless Gate) remixed and remastered his album ‘Germania’ (2013). This album has a homage to Florian Fricke: ‘Für Florian Fricke’. Together with two other remixed albums, all three are now included on ‘Germania+

2018.03.07: One Way Static Records anounces: ‘Messa di Orfeo' (color vinyl LP with insert/1000 copies) and ‘Florian Fricke spielt Mozart' (2XLP SET/1000 copies). Both for the first time on vinyl. Available on April 21.


2018-02-07: Announced by Transmission Records, ‘Affenstunde’ (transparent blue vinyl) by Klimt Records. Release date: 2018-03-01


2017.09.13 - Allister Thompson (The Gateless Gate) has a new upcoming release of his project Khan Tengri. The ‘KT2’-album will contain a cover version of 'Last Days, Last Nights (Letzte Tage-Letzte Nächte)'. Thompson: "As far as I know, the beautifully spiritual “Last Days, Last Nights” from the eponymous 1976 album is Popol Vuh's only English-language song. The only thing wrong with the original version is that I find it too short! I always wanted the verse and chorus to repeat. So again, I recorded the version I’d like to hear." Listen here: dazyofpurpleandorgange.blogspot or bandcamp

2017.08.02 - New vinyl release by One Way Static: For you and Me

2017.05.17 - Available now from One Way Static:  OWS15 - Spirit Of Peace &  OWS14 - Agape-Love:


2017.05.13 - After 'Cobra Verde', two more vinyl-released by One Way Static:

2017.05.02  -  New article by David Stubbs: ‘Between Heaven and Hell: Florian Fricke & Werner Herzog’, for Redbullmusicacademy. Earlier he wrote Too Much The Darkness" The Werner Herzog Soundtracks Of Popol Vuh’(2014) for Quietus and ‘Future Days’ (2014)

2017.04.18: Rare footage from Miesbach-times (1971) at the Bundesarchiv. Start at 5:30. A news-item in two slightly different versions:

   Deutschlandspiegel 198, 3.3.1971 (start at 6:08)  & UFA-Dabei 768, 13.4.1971 (start at 5:30)

2017.03.13 - Wah Wah announcement:


2017.03.06  -   To be expected in april: rerelease ‘Cobra Verde’ by the One Way Static-label (green vinyl. 1000 copies). Comes with insert and extensive liner notes.


2017.01.05  -  Wah Wah Records (Barcelona) plans a rerelease of ‘Die Nacht der Seele’, ‘Sei still, wisse ich bin’ and ‘Die Erde und ich sind Eins’ for spring 2017. All on vinyl.

 2016.12.08 - Message Roland Appel (Facebook)

  2016.11.04  - Another recent study on Krautrock: Alexander Simmeth, Krautrock Transnational, Die Neuerfindung der Popmusik in der   BRD, 1968–1978, Transcript, 2016. Pages on Popol Vuh can be read via Google Books

  2016.10.25  -  ‘Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach’ on 6CD Box Set ‘Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide’. To be released in November by Purple Pyramid. 

   2016.10.13 - New book on Krautrock: Krautrock – German Music in the Seventies (University of Michigan Press, 2016)  by Ulrich Adelt. He devoted a chapter to Popol Vuh: Ecstatic Heritage: Popol Vuh’s Soundtracks for Werner Herzog (110-127)

  2016.09.20 - 'Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts (abridged)' on new compilation: 'Microcosm; Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986'.

 2016.08.19  - "Die grosse Evolution" : a documentary on philosopher and artist Fritz Schranz by Matthias Luthardt.

Schranz, who died earlier this year, had his base in Pfarhof,Peterskirchen for many years and was a partner of Gottliebe von Lehndorff. He was neighbours with Popol Vuh who also lived at this place for a while in the early 70s.

The documentary contains part of the 'Improvisation'-video of Popol Vuh, shot on location, and some footage that has Florian Fricke in the company of others who lived there.

2016.08.12 - Cortona Mix Festival 2016 - Popol Vuh in one program with Johan Sebastian Bach and Arvo Part in a concert for voice and musicians with Caterina Murino and Riccardo Vannuccini, on august 4.


2016.07.18 - In the trailer of the new horror film ‘The Conjuring 2’, ‘Brüder des Schattens’ appears at about 29 seconds

2016.07.18  - ‘Slipped Through Heaven’, track from new ‘Felder’ album (Thrill Jockey) by Jan St Werner (Mouse on Mars), uses an unreleased piano phrase from ‘Spirit of Peace IV’, courtesy Johannes Fricke Waldthausen/Edition Popol Vuh.

2015.12.21  -Parallelograms’, a new experimental documentary film by Steve Rowell will be premiered at the Transmediale Festival (February 2016) in Berlin as an installation (video loop, map, text). Music by Popol Vuh: ‘Kha-White Structures I’ and ‘In den Gärten Pharaos’. See trailer at Vimeo.

2015.12.21  - ‘A Bigger Splash’ (2015, France/Italy). New film directed by Luca Guadagnino. Music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Giacinto Scelsi, John Adams, Rolling Stones, Popol Vuh (‘Aguirre’).

2015.12.03  -  Cover of ‘Last days, Last Nights’ by Doctor Club/Cross Record.  A Track by Randy Reynolds and his band, produced for the soundtrack of ‘Nowhere to Nowhere’ by the Dual Tape Deck-collective from Austin, Texas.

2015.11.11 -  'Shady 'by Marco Lucchi. Beautiful and inspired reworking of 'Engel der Luft' (listen: bandcamp, soundcloud)

2015.10.06  - Waxwork Records releases deluxe double album ‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’ this month. Artwork by Jessica Seamans.

2015.07.23 - ‘In den  Gärten Pharaos’, an exhibition by Venetian painter Saturno Butto, curated by Alain Chivilo. See: photosperformance

2015.07.05  - Italian group No Strange did a cover of  'Die Sanftmütigen' for their 10"ep 'Universi e Trasparenze' (2015)

2015.06.07  -  To be expected this summer rom Wah Wah Records: Nosferatu - double lp

2015.03.15  -  Waxwork Records made following announcement on Facebook today: ‘We are beyond thrilled, and truly honored to announce, that Waxwork Records will be releasing a definitive, expanded double LP release of POPUL VUH's score to Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE’. Also on Instagram: We are beyond thrilled and honored to announce that we will be releasing an expanded, definitive double LP of Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE. Composed by POPOL VUH, we have been working directly with Florian Fricke's (Popol Vuh founder) family to create the ultimate LP release of the score. @_jseamans of LANDLAND will be creating album art and the score is being remastered for vinyl by @jyuenger. This will be the first of numerous Herzog/Popol Vuh scores we will be releasing on wax.    See also: Bloody Disgusting

2015.03.14  -  Five new vinyl-releases by Wah Wah Records (Barcelona) to be expected this summer: DAS HOHELIED SALOMOS (LPS157), AGUIRRE (LPS158), LETZTE TAGE, LETZTE NÄCHTE (LPS159), HERZ AUS GLASS (LPS160) and NOSFERATU (LPS161). All albums will have extras.

2015.01.16  -  The release of ‘Kailash’ by Soul Jazz is scheduled for march 16th. Unreleased Piano Recordings & The Tibet Journeys (3-Set: Double CD plus DVD / Double-Vinyl plus DVD). See: residentadvisor

2014.11.12  -  Klemen Breznikar interviewed Danny Fichelscher, published here: psychedelicbaby

2014.11.12  -  Stephan Mathieu produced the soundtrack for ‘Sacred Ground’, a documentary about the Wounded Knee and Mount Rushmore memorial sites in South Dakota, by Tim Grünewald and Ludwig Schmidtpeter. Mathieu: “dedicated to Florian Fricke (1944 – 2001), whose soundtracks with Popol Vuh for Werner Herzog were a huge inspiration during my work for the feature”. Find it here: Schwebung

2014.09.08  -  The Quietus (august 29th, 2014):  "Too Much The Darkness" The Werner Herzog Soundtracks Of Popol Vuh", an article by David Stubbs – author of ‘Future Days’(2014), to mark the British Film Institute's release of their stunning Werner Herzog blu ray box set. David Stubbs discusses the director's legacy of collaboration with Florian Fricke.

2014.09.07  -   "Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt, composed a new soundtrack for Werner Herzog's 'Aguirre, The Wrath of God' at the invitation of Film Fest Gent, Vooruit and art collective Stroom. Once described as an extremely intense and colorful living painting, this film tells the story of an obsessed and insane quest for the secret golden city of El Dorado through the inhospitable jungles of the Amazon rainforest. Danny Wolfers is a Dutch electronic producer and DJ who became world famous under the name Legowelt. He made a shortened, more visually oriented version of the film and provides the soundtrack with live synthesizers. Partly inspired by the original enchanting soundtrack by the German krautrock band Popol Vuh and the insane and legendary protagonist Klaus Kinski. This screening takes place in the Theaterzaal of Vooruit" (24-10-2014/20:00). See: Vooruit  and Youtube

  (from: Vooruit)

2014.08.23  -  This fall Souljazz will release the Kailash-dvd and soundtrack, as well as the long-awaited Piano Recordings supplemented by the three ‘Spirit of Peace’-tracks.

2014.07.03  -  After several months of delay, the album ‘Valerio Cosi plays Popol Vuh’is finally available now from the Dreamsheep label in a vinyl edition of 500 (400 black and 100 red vinyl).

Image of Valerio Cosi - "Plays Popol Vuh" LP - DS009

2014.01.03  -  Italian netlabel Batenim released the album ´Germania´ by The Gateless Gate (Allister Thompson). Thompson pays tribute to German electronic music from the 70s. Last track is dedicated to Florian Fricke: “Für Florian Fricke”. Download: Batenim. Listen: bandcamp. Release date: December 25, 2013.

2013.08.15  -  New solo album of Gary Lucas will appear in October on Northern Spy Records, featuring versions of favourite music from films of Fellini, Hitchcock, Tati, Tarr, Herzog (Aguirre) a.o.

2013.08.01  -  Interview by Perfect Sound Forever with Bettina von Waldthausen on Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh.

2013.06.21  -  Interview by Dolf Mulder with Valerio Cosi on his album '.... Plays Popol Vuh'

2013.05.11  -  Interview by Enrico Bassi with Daniel Fichelscher on Youtube (publishted 2013.05.07).

2013.05.07  -  To be expected soon: Valerio Cosi - Plays Popol Vuh (Dreamsheep DS 009). Promising outtake here: soundcloud. . Pre-order the album from Cosi's Dreamsheep-label


2013.03.26  -  The Barcelona-based Wah Wah label announces the release of first five Popol Vuh albums in special editions for september. Have a look in their interesting backcatalogue in the meantime:

2013.03.18  -  In september-december 2012 the Japanese label Belle Antique released following albums, licensed from SPV: Affenstunde, In Den Garten Pharaos, Hosiana Mantra, Seligpreisung,  Einsjager & Siebenjager, Das Hohelied Salomos, Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte, Aguirre, Herz Aus Glas, Bruder Des Schattens - Sohne Des Lichts, Nosferatu, Die Nacht der Seele, Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin. The last five albums are also available as a Nosferatu-boxset.

2013.01.29  -  The Soul Jazz label will release a second Deutsche Elektronische Musik compilation in March.  It will contain two Popol Vuh tracks: ‘Der Grosse Krieger’ and  ‘Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei’.

2012.08.15  -  To be expected this month: 'Affenstunde' on vinyl, released by Paris-based Klimt Records. Unofficial release.

2012.06.16  -  To be released in september on P.W.Elverum & Sun: 'Ocean Roar', new album by Mount Eerie, containing a cover of 'Engel der Luft'.

2012.06.15  - Out now through Pampa Records, 'Aimlessness', a new album by Dntel. Concerning the track 'Paper Landscape', Dntel writes: " Originally I made this song for a live set that was centered around the music of Popol Vuh. I cut up their song 'Engel Der Luft' and then added some modular synth melodies that were created by a random pattern generator. I like that there are moments where the synth melodies really work perfectly and then parts where they clash. I’m very thankful that I got permission to use the Popol Vuh samples, the song wouldn’t have worked without them” ( Altsounds )

2012.05.10  -  DUBLAB and The Goethe-Institut Los Angeles Present: Krautrock Classics, An Evening of Cosmic German Music (Friday, June 1 2012).

Carlos Niño & Friends cover Popol Vuh: ‘Steh Auf, Zieh Mich Dir Nach’ and other songs. Carlos Niño: Conductor, Percussion,  Special Effects; Dexter Story: Trap Drums, Drum Solo, Music Director; Diana Booker: Lead Vocalist; Gaby Hernandez: Vocalist; GB: Synthesizers, Drum Machine; Surya Botofasina: Electric Piano, Synthesizer. See:

2012.03.30  -  To be released in april by Fruits de Mer Records: 'Head Music', double album with krautrockcovers. 'Mantra II' by Zenith: Unto the Stars
2012.03.15  -  At the Suoni per il Popolo-festival in Montréal a promising "receation of Popol Vuh's 'Nosferatu' soundtrack by William Hesselink" is planned for june, 11th:  A Reluctant Evil: Werner Herzog and Popol Vuh’s Nosferatu the Vampyre. See:



2011.12.28  -  Archie Patterson of Eurock:

2011.12.16  -  Reprise of 'Miesbach, der Moog und die Mayas: Der Klangmystiker Florian Fricke und seine Band Popol Vuh' on Deutschlandfunk, december 25, 20:00 (8 pm)
2011.11.13  -  New 12" by International Feel Studio with rendition of 'Morgengruss II', titled 'Morgengruss III'. Listen: soundcloud
2011.11.03  -  In a blindfold-test Frank Fiedler will be led through 400 years of Music history on WDR 3 (radio), 17.12.2011 at 23.05
2011.08.05  -  On youtube: Impression of 'Record release Preview Night' at Cookies, Berlin, june 23th 2011, filmed by Frank Fiedler.
2011.07.27  -  New single by Locrian with coverversion of 'Dort ist der Weg'. To be released on Flingco Sound System in september. Listen here: bandcamp
2011.06.16  -

2011.05.23  -  New video by Frank Fiedler on Youtube, with promising outtakes from 'Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999' combined with unseen footage from the early days of Popol Vuh.
2011.05.23 - On the tenth anniversary of the death of Popol Vuh's founder Florian Fricke, SPV Records are releasing a double disc collection of Popol Vuh material. Popol Vuh: Revisted & Remixed (1970-1999) includes soundtracks composed for Werner Herzog's Nosferatu and Aguirre: Wrath Of God, Moog III tracks, and remixes from the likes of Mouse On Mars, Stereolab, Moritz Von Oswald, Thomas Fehlmann, Mika Vainio and others. The compilation will be released as a double CD at the end of June.
2011.05.23  -  Part Two of the Art on Air Radio Show of David Weinstein on Popol Vuh (may 23th 2011)
2011.05.12  -  David Weinstein talking to Johannes Fricke on the new Popol Vuh release: ‘Popol Vuh Revisited and Remixed for Art on Air (may 9th, 2011)
2011.03.24 - To be expected for release in june: Popol Vuh Revisited - 'The Best of Soundtracks and Electronics' & 'The Remixes'.

See: press-info

2011.02.11  -  Bettina von Waldthausen published a text by Florian Fricke:‘Sie bauen an der Form - Über den Umgang mit dem Laut, dem Rhythmus und dem Klang im tibetischen Buddhismus und über die Entsprechung von Himmel und Erde'

2010.12.31  -  Just published on, an article by Tomasz Ostafiński: POPOL VUH - MAGIA MODULARNEGO MAGNETYZMU (polish)

2010.12.31  -  Just published on, an article by Tomasz Ostafiński: POPOL VUH - MAGIA MODULARNEGO MAGNETYZMU (polish)
2010.12.05  -  To be expected this month on SPV: The Werner Herzog Soundtracks



2010.12.01 -  'Hosianna Mantra' was performed at the Sacred Music Festival at Brown University (12 november)
2010.10.05  -  German radiostation Bayern 2, on october 30th (8.05-9.00) : Miesbach, der Moog und die Mayas - Der Klangmystiker Florian Fricke und seine Band Popol Vuh
2010.05.03 - Recent uploads by Frank Fiedler on Youtube: ‘A Little Rock Symphony’, realized with Thomas Elmar Cartier and Guido Hieronymus. In two parts: part 1 and part 2.
2010.02.24 - The newest issue of the Shindig! magazine (nr.15, march-april 2010) contains an interesting 4-page article on Popol Vuh written by Stuart Heaney: 'Mirage Music - Popol Vuh's spectral soundtracks to the early films of Werner Herzog. See: Shindig!15
2010.01.28  -  'Spirit of Peace 3' is part of the soundtrack for 'Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky' (2009) by director Jan Kounen.
2010.01.06  -  A Celebration of Popol Vuh - Indepedent record label Sonic360 produced a series of events, each series focusing on a chosen legendary recording artist and their body of work. A hand-picked selection of albums from the artist’s catalogue will be played over a series of weekly sessions, 2 albums per night, at the magical 200 year old structure of Shoreditch Church, London. Artists and titles are chosen on their suitability to the Church’s wonderful acoustics and ambience.
The first series of sessions will be A Celebration of Popol Vuh
25th Feb 2010: Albums: Affenstunde, In Den Garten Pharaos
8th Apr 2010: Albums: Hosianna Mantra, Aguirre
15th Apr 2010: Albums: Nosferatu, Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin
22nd Apr 2010: Albums: Coeur De Verre, Agape-agape

More information: ;

2009.06.22  -  The film 'Severed Ways - The Norse Discovery of America' by Tony Stone makes use of Popol Vuh music 
2009.03.07  -  In webmagazine 3 Quarks Daily (march 2009): E.B.Rackley, Music in the Service of Cosmology - Popol Vuh and Giacinto Scelsi
2009.02.12  -  The Italian magazine Blow Up (nr.129, february 2009) published an 8-page (!) article on Popol Vuh, written by Gino dal Soler
2009.02.07  -  On january, 27th, 2009, Klaus Wiese sadly passed away. He participated on 'Hosianna Mantra' and 'Seligpreisung'. He leaves behind an impressive catalogue of ambient music. See:  

2008.10.20  -  Frank Fiedler launched his own website:

2008.10.03  -  The october-november 2008 edition of the on line music magazine Perfect Sound Forever

has an extensive article on Popol Vuh by Gary Bearman reviewing all Popol Vuh albums.
2008.08.23  -  Black Metal Group Endless Blizzard opens their new cd 'Remember your Death' with a cover of  'Brüder des Schattens' 
2008.06.21  -  Gary Lucas, live at the Knitting Factory, NYC, in 1992, playing the 'Aguirre'-theme. Recently added on Youtube:
2008.04.27  -  Gerhard Augustin, writer of 'Pate des Krautrock', is opening up his archive of filmed material. Including several items where he is interviewing Florian Fricke: 
2008.03.27  -  Released Saturday 23rd March 2008 on Some Bizzare Records: Gary Lucas vs. The Dark Poets - 'Beyond the Pale'. It features the track ‘Aguirre (Lacrime Di Re)/The Sheep Look Up’ (Fricke/Lucas). We find this track also on his album ‘Skeleton At The Feast’ (1991).  For ‘Improve the Shining Hour: Rare Lumiere 1980-2000' (2000) Lucas concentrated on another Popol Vuh piece: ‘Listen, You Who Dare/Improve the Shining Hour’ (Fricke/Lucas).



2019.09.28  -  Popol Vuh Beyond - Requiem for Florian Fricke

2019.08.09  -  Popol Vuh, in: St. & A.Freeman, Crack the Cosmic Egg, 1996, p.150

2019.08.01  -  J.Cope, Krautrocksampler, Head Heritage, 1995, p.127-130

2019.08.01  -  D.E.Asbjornsen, Cosmic Dreams at Play, 1996

2019.08.01  -  P.Brzykcy, Pociagiem Przez Czas, in: Teraz Rock, nr.6, 2019, p.48-49

2019.07.13  -  F.Fricke, Wort, Gesang, Klang, in: Germania, nr.3, 1972, p.16-17

2019.07.12  -  J.Parker, Die Nacht der Seele, in: Mirage, nr.3, december 1980

2019.07.12  -  D.Elliott, Die Nacht der Seele, in: Neumusik, nr.4, january 1981

2019.07.08  -  I.Laycock, Popol Vuh: an interview with Florian Fricke by Ian Laycock in 1989, in: Audion, 35,

2019,07.05  -  Werner Herzog - Cobra Verde

2019.07.01  -  D.E.Asbjornsen, Cosmic Dreams at Play - A Guide to German progressive and electronic rock, Strange Vertigo, 2008

2019.06.15 -   J.Parker, Popol Vuh - A Cosmic Decade, in: Mirage, nr.2, may 1980, p.67-71

2019.03.16  -  F.Fricke, Musik - zum Hören, zu Karlheinz Stockhausens 'Kurzwellen' in de Musikhochschule, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1968.11.06

2019.03.12  - Popol Vuh - The Essential Album Collection Vol.1

2019.02.02  - G. & T. Cappelli, Popol Vuh - L'ora della scimmita, in: Re Nudo, nr. 71, p.42.43

2018.10.18  -  Mathias Grassow - The Moment of Creation

2018.07.25  -  Baby Blue Aura

2018.07.20  -  Kerry Leimer - Mitteltöner

2018.07.19  -  Thunderbolt Pagoda - Vestiges: Artifakt Sessions 2015

2018.07.11  -  Jorgen Lamb - In die Sonne

2018.07.10  -  Christina Curiel - 2018

2018.07.10  -  Urthona - Destruction Rules

2018.03.13  -  G.Augustin, Popol Vuh - An Interview with Florian Fricke, in: Marquee, nr.067, august 1996, p.38-40

2018.03.06  -  M.Baiata - Pop Tedesco - Popol Vuh: L'elettronica delle sensazioni, in: Stereoplay, nr.35, p.116

2018.02.24  -  X.Y.R. - The El Dorado LP

2018.02.24  -  Kevin O'Neill - The Secret Tapes

2018.02.24  -  Christian Tiger School - Third Floor

2018.01.07  -  F.Fricke, Du und deine 7 Millione Gefühle oder Music liegt in der Luft, in: Twen, nr.3, 1971, p.108-109

2017.11.12 - New Page: Deutsche Elektronische Music 3

2017.10.06 - New Page: One Way Static Records

2017.09.23 - New Page: Neu Decade - Mojo, 2017

2017.09.22 - New Page: Khan Tengri - KT2 (cover 'Last Days, Last Nights')

2017.09.06 - New Page: This is Kraut volume 2 ('Bettina' and 'Kyrie')

2017.08.13 - New Page: A.Male, Popol Vuh - The Soundtracks of Eternity, in: Mojo, 284, 2017, p.110-111 

2017.08.12 - New Page: Uniton Records / Cicada Records

2017.08.10 - New Page: Krautrock 3 - Original Album Series [5cdbox, including 'Das Hohelied Salomos' and 'Bury my Heart ot Wounded Knee'

2017.05.04 - New Page: Herman Bauer Verlag 

2017.04.18 - New Page: I.Blum, Gila Schwelgt in Romantik-Gefilden , in: Köllnmer Stadtanzeiger, 1973, ?

2017.03.17 - New Page: Inside the Cloud - II (cover 'Agape Agape')

2017.03.06 - New Page: InnovativeCommunication / Racket

2017.02.28 - New Page: Brain The Box: Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979

2017.02.28 - New Page: King Records

2017.02.27 - New Page: Arcangelo

2017.02.17 - New Page: Black Mountain - IV

2017.02.17 - New Page: Mandible Chatter - A Farewell to Florian

2017.02.09 - New Page: F.Ghisellini, Popol Vuh - Deutschland über Alles, in: Nuovo Sound, nr.3, p.11 

2017.02.04 - New Page: Qaf - The Sacred Mountain

2017.02.04 - New Page: E.Pouncey, My Strange Life - Interview with Florian Fricke, in: Soundprojector 2, 1997

2017.01.16 - New Page: Skye Monro - Phonium

2017.01.13 - New Page: Label Milan Records

2017.01.04 - New Page: Label Celestial Harmonies

2017.01.04 - New Page: Reviews Cobra Verdre

2016.11.29 - New Page: F.Ghisellini, Popol Vuh In den Garten Pharaos, in; Super Sound, nr.14, 1973 

2016.10.26 - New Page: Steve Rowell - Parallelograms

2016.10.26 - New Page: Fabienne Strouvé - 'Trois Peintres' & 'Mati Klarwein, Peinte Américain

2016.10.26 - New Page: Popol Vuh Revisited & Remixed, in: Zeit-online, 2011 (interview with Jan St.Werner) 

2016.10.25 - New Page:  Popol Vuh 1-2, 3-4

2016.10-25 - New Page: Space Rock: An Instellar Traveler's Guide 

2016.10.20 - New Page: Odd Nosdam - Le Mix Ambient

2016.10.20 - New Page: Marco Lucchi - Kosmische

2016.10.18 - New Photo. See Photo Gallery. Photo supplied by Frank Fiedler    

2016.09.25 - New Page: Empirical Sleeping Consort - The Layers of Awakening

2016.09.25 - New Page: St Jan Werner - Felder

2016.09.24 - New page: High Tide Records

2016.09.24  - New page: Egg Records

2016.09.20 - New page: Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe 1970-1986

2016.03.22 - New Page: Spalax Records

2016.02.23 - New Page: A Bigger Splash (orginal soundtrack)

2016.02.11 - New Page: Bettina von Waldthausen

2016.01.17 - New Page: Small Entries on 'Popol Vuh' in: Musik Express, 1971-1975

2016.01.11 - New Page: K.-H.Borchert, Drei deutsche Gruppen, die dem deutschen Rock neue Impulse geben könnten
in: Musik Express, june, 1973

2016.01.08 - New Page: Chazadu, Popul Vuh über Popul Vuh,in: Musik Express,1972, nr.2

2015.12.24 - New Page: Luca Guadagnino - A Bigger Splash - 2015

2015.12.24 - New Page: Gino dal Soler, La notte dell'anima, in: Blow Up, nr.129, february 2009, p.104-111

2015.12.22 - New Page: Les Lézards

2015.12.18 - New Page: G.Ehnert, Rock in Deutschland, Taurus Press, Hamburg, 1979 (geman)

2015.12.18 - New Page: D.Tosi, Popol Vuh - Il respiro del coro mantrico, in: Tempi Disparsi, nr.7, 2000, (italian)

2015.12.18 - New Page: D.Tosi, Florian Fricke - La Voce dei Popol Vuh, in: Tempi Disparsi, nr.7, 2000, (interview, italian)

2015.12.15 - New Page: C.Wagner, Der Klang der Revolte, p.91-95

2015.12.13 - New Page: Press Release Kailash - Soul Jazz

2015.12.12 - New Page: SPV Promosheet 'Remixed & Revisited

2015.12.04 - New Page: Nowhere to Nowhere

2015.11.11 - New Page: Marco Lucchi - Shady

2015.10.26 - New Page: Nosferatu the Vampyre - Waxwork

2015.10.08 - New Page: Belle Antique

2015.10.06 - New Page: Wah Wah Supersonic

2015.10.03 - New Page: Filmrolle für Popol Vuh, in: Melanie, nr.49, 1974, p.23

2015.09.16 - New Page: Michael Schaefer, Filmpoem Kailash - Ein Traum in Klängen und Bildern, in: Esoterik, nr.1, 1995

2015.08.17 - New Page: Nosferatu - Wah Wah Supersonic

2015.07.31 - New Page: Flying Saucer Attack - Instrumentals 2015

2015.07.26 - New Page: Sabor do Brasil - Vol.1

2015.07.24 - New Page: Tempel Rytmik / MPJT - Aguirre / Zulu

2015.07.24 - New Page: Savage Republic - Sunset Ceremony By Beyond Baroque

2015.07.05 - New Page: S.Robertson, Deep Popol, in: Sounds, 19/9/1981

2015.07.05 - New Page: No Strange - Universi e Trasparenze

2015.05.26 - New Page: Skullcaster - Hüter der Schwelle

2015.05.19 - New Page: Monografie vol.1: La Musica Elettronica

2015.04.25 - New Page: S.Heaney, Loops along the River, in: Sight & Sound, 2013, vol.23, nr.7, p.56-57

2015.04.24 - New Page: Il Ballo delle Castagne - Soundtrack for an unreleased Herzog Movie

2015.04.21 - New Page: G.Augustin, Der Moog-Synthesizer, eine neue Welt tut sich auf

2015.04.20 - New Page: Interiors feat Serena Fortebraccio - Heart of Glass 

2015.04.03 - New Page: Manfred Miersch - Das Subharchord

2015.04.02 - New Page: Headwaters: Attempted Explanation Of 'Mount Eerie' By The Microphones

2015.03.29 - New Page: A Crushing Glow - Compiled by Matt Sewell

2015.03.20 - New Page: Popol Vuh - Kailash

2015.02.12 - New Page: Stephan Mathieu - Sacred Ground

2014.12.22  -  New Page: Adamennon - Singles

2014.10.20  -  New Page: Joy Division - Live at the Rainbow Theatre, november 10th, 1979

2014.10.16  -  New Page: Stygian Stride

2014.10.15  -  New Page: Ephemerol - Plenk!

2014.10.12  -  New Page: Endless Funeral - From this peaceful place .. to nowhere

2014.10.11  -  New Page: Babalon Working (2013)

2014.10.07  -  New Page: Popol Vuh cd1 & cd 2

2014.09.24  -  New Page: Krautrock Classics (Carlos & Friends: Steh auf, zieh mich dir nach)

2014.09.20  -  New Page: Robert Wilson - VOOM Portraits

2014.09.11  -  New Page: Sightseers (2012)

2014.09.08  -  New Page: Einstürzende Neubauten - Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala

2014.07.29  -  New Page: Valerio Cosi Plays Popol Vuh

2014.05.13  -  New Page: Les Étioles du Cinéma

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2014.03.02  -  New Pages: Ooga Boogas - Ooga Box; Plebeian - Life of Love

2014.02.09  -  New Pages: Discover Cosmic ; Einsjäger../Letzte Tage .. ; Sei Still .. / Agape.. ; Hosianna .. / In den Garten..

2014.01.13  -  New Page: This is Quadrophonic Music

2014.01.11  -  New Page: Two Originals of Werner Herzogs Nosferatu

2014.01.10  -  New Page: Aguirre / In den Gärten Pharaos

2014.01.03  -  New Page: The Gateless Gate - Germania

2013.12.28  -  New Page: The 1979 Foundation of Black Arts presents In The Garden Pharao

2013.12.22  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, Maya-kansan pyhä kirja, in: Musa, 10, 1976, p.28-9

2013.11.13  -  New Page: Pete Namlook & Peter Prochier - Possible Gardens

2013.11.12  -  New Page: Kenny Loggins/Popol Vuh/Azzaf

2013.11.03  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, ein neuer Sound, in: Hamburger Abendblatt, 1.4.1972

2013.09.06  -  New Page: Causa Sui - Euporie Tide 

2013.08.06  -  New Page Tangerine Dream - Zeit 

2013.06.23  -  New Page: Röyksopp - Late Night Tales

2013.06.15  -  New Page: Bibliography - Articles by Fricke for Süddeutsche Zietung (1967-1969)

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Pest - Pest

2013.04.29  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Il Mucchio, nr.608, 2005 

2013.04.10  - 3 new Pages: Herz aus Glass; Nosferatu; Fitzcaraldo

2013.03.22  -  New Page: The Best of Krautrock

2013.03.21  -  New Page: Seligpreisung / Das Hohelied Salomos

2013.03.20 -- New Page: Hosianna Mantra 8cd Box

2013.03.20  -  New Page: Nosferatu Box Set

2013.02.20  -  New Page: Lebenszeichen

2013.02.19  -  New Page: Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2

2012.12.26  -  New Page: Economics of Happiness

2012.11.04 -  New page: Erebus - Son of Chaos and Light

2012-04-25 -  Update: 'Aguirre', 'Hosianna Mantra', ‘Sei stil, WISSE ich bin’ , 'Agape Agape Love Love', ‘Spirit of Peace'

Bettina told me once of the license Florian gave to some people from Eastern Europe for releasing several Popol Vuh titles. Recently I found evidence for this. In 1996 Andrzej and Mira Boryna (Boryna Foundation) had a personal meeting in Munich with Florian Fricke. During that meeting they got from him a licence for several titles on their Ananda Music label. Above mentioned albums – and maybe more? - were released on cassette. The Boryna Foundation is a organization dedicated to spreading the idea of using music as a tool for healing, therapy, supporting education. They consider Florian Fricke is one of their ‘Spiritual Patrons’.

2012.04.14  -  New Page: R.Mandolini, Popol Vuh, in: Raro, nr.139, 2002, p.68-71
2012.04.02  -  New Page: D. Fallowell, Siegfried Arising: A Report from Germany on Abstract Expressionism in Rock, in: Phonograph Record Magazine, may 1972, p.18-20
2012.01.02  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Bravo, 16,  1971 & Bravo, 45,1972

2011.12.20  -  New Page: Celestial Voyage - comp. - Strargazer Records - 2007
2011.12.20  -  New Page: Soundtracks for Werner Herzog - Spalax - 3cd BOX
2011.12.20  -  New Page: S.Freeman, Popol Vuh - The Enigma of Florian Fricke, in: Audion, 8, 1988
2011.12.20  -  New Page: F.Vion, Popol Vuh, in: Notes, 2, 1986
2011.12.19  -  New Page: A.Stanzani, Popol Vuh - Identificazione di un Gruppo, in: Melodie & Dissonanze, nr.0, 1992
2011.12.05  -  New Page: D.Caroli, La Religiosita Eclettica, in: Ciao2001, nr. 30, 1975
2011.11.24  -  New Page: Jim Tetlow - Variation on 'Spirit of Peace' by Florian Fricke
2011.11.13  -  New page: International Feel Studio - Morgengruss III / Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway
2011.11.03  -  New Page: Popol Vuh in Dance Productions
2011.10.28  -  New Page: H.-J.Irmler, on 'Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999', in: Electronic Beats Magazine, 3, 2011
2011.09.12  -  New Page: Zone - Sword of the Sun
2011.09.02  -  Update Page - Danny Fichelscher (photos)
2011.07.27  -  New Page: MB (Maurizio Bianchi) - The Plain Truth
2011.07.27  -  New Page: Locrian - Dort ist der Weg / Frozen in Ash
2011.07.12  -  New Page: CFCF - Signs of Life
2011.07.12  -  New Page:Barn Owl - Shadowland
2011.05.24  -  New Page: Popol Vuh - Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999
2011.03.25  -  New Page: CFCF - The River
2011.03.25  -  New Page: Zodiac Free Arts Club - Floating World
2011.01.02  -  New Page: M.F., Popol Vuh e Cacciapaglia a Milano, in: Gong, nr.12, p.27

2010.12.28   -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Contaminazioni, 199?
2010.12.28  -  New Page: This is Kraut Vol.1
2010.12.15  -  New Page: The Story of the Beatclub 1965-1972
2010.09.18  -  New Page: Florian Fricke, Musik als Medium (review of La Monte Young concert - 1969)
2010.09.18  -  Update: Affenstunde (scroll down for note on La Monte Young-connection)
2010.09.03  -  New Page: Böhse Onkelz - Fürchte Deinen Nächsten Wie Dich Selbst!
2010.08.03  -  New Page: Kornél Mundruczó - Delta
2010.05.10  -  Alternative version (complete) of 'Fricke Out' by Alessandro Monti
2010.05.03  -  New Page: The Silverman - Dream Cell
2010.05.02  -  New Page: CFCF - Official Girl (remix)
2010.04.22  -  New Page: R.Blome,Vom Moog zu Mozart: Florian Fricke, in: Keyboards, 2, 1993
2010.02.23  -  New Page: White Hills - White Hills
2010.02.22  -  New Page: Postnuclear Deathmass - Generating Doom
2010.02.22  -  New Page: Elektronische Musik - Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-1983
2010.02.18  -  New Page: Cabaret Voltaire - International Language
2010.02.18  -  New Page: Opeth - Lamentations
2010.02.05  -  Many soundsamples added in sections 'Covers' and 'Tributes, Allusions,etc'
2010.01.25  -  New Page: Incredible Expanding Mindfuck - Have Come For Your Children
2010.01.19  -  New Page: The Frames - Finally
2010.01.06  -  New Page: Der Gewürzgarten Salomons, Deutsche Popszene, 1972
2010.01.06  -  New Page: Genesis - A Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

2009.12.23  -  New Page: Nobu Stowe-Lee Pembleton - Hommage an Klaus Kinski
2009.12.20  -  Many 1-minute soundsamples have been added in the section 'Tributes, Allusions, etc.'
2009.12.20  -  New Page: Stylus - Pedwar
2009.11.11  -  New Page: Berlinale 2000
2009.11.05  -  New Page: M.Prendergast, Popol Vuh, in: Record Collector, no.190, 1995
2009.09.16  -  New Page: Poster - Brüder des Schattens, Söhne des Lichts
2009.09.16  -  New Page: Gila, in: Pop, 1974 
2009.09.15  -  Update: Danny Fichelscher
2009.09.14  -  New Page: Lustmord: The Place Where the Black Stars Hang'
2009.09.06  -  New Page: Reviews 'Aguirre'
2009.08.21  -  New Page: Popol Vuh - Musik als Form des Gebets, in: Pop, 3, 1973
2009.08.11  -  New Page: Popol Vuh, in: Musik Express, 1973
2009.08.09  -  New Page: Barock-Kirche diente zur Pop- Aufnahme, in: Musikmarkt, 1973
2009.06.22  -  New Page: Severed Ways
2009.06.05  -  New Page: Sit Na - Sit Na
2009.05.26  -  New Page: Michael William Gilbert - Moving Pictures
2009.05.05  -  New Page: Yana Yo - Sax 
2009.05.04  -  New Page: Popol Vuh - Religious Music 
2009.04.22  -  New Page: Sulphur - Der Fluch des Lebens
2009.04.21  -  New Page: Lost and Found Video Night Part 4
2009.04.09  -  New Page: Adelbert von Deyen - Atmosphere
2009.04.09  -  New Page: Funeral Mist - Maranatha
2009.03.08  -  New Page: Josh Marshall - Alistair Movement IV (arr. of 'Angel of the Air, pt.1')
2009.03.08  -  New Page: Meltmaster - The Kinski Symphony
2009.03.08  -  New Page: Salakapakka Sound System - Ikuinen Kaamos
2009.03.06  -  Article: M. Baiata, Popol Vuh - La cosmogonia dei figli della musica, in: Ciao2001, nr.43, 1972
2009.02.18  -  Update: Choir Organ
2009.01.05  -  New Page: Ratkje & Marhaug - Music for Faking
2009.01.02  -  New Pages (photos):  Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4

2008.12.30  -  New Page: Pictures 'Hosianna Mantra'
2008.12.30  -  New Page: F.Fricke, Wort, Gesang, Klang
2008.12.30  -  New Page: Abelcain vs. Cdatakill - Playing with Knives
2008.11.19  -  New Page: Endgame - Memento
2008.11.08  -  New Page: Al Gromer Khan - Divan I Khas
2008.10.20  -  Update: Frank Fiedler
2008.10.03  -  New page: The SPV releases
2008.10.01  -  New page: Program Times Zones Festival 1998
2008.09.22  -  New page: Porcupine Tree - Up the Downstair
2008.09.22  -  New page: Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes
2008.09.21  -  New page: Krautrock and Beyond Part 2
2008.09.21  -  New page: Krautrock and Beyond Part 5
2008.09.19  -  New page: Spiral Joy Band - Lullabies for Jeff Dean
2008.09.08  -  New pages with innersleeves of 'Die Erde und Ich sind Eins', 'Kailash-Pilgerfahrt' and 'Nosferatu'(Brain)
2008.09.02  -  New page: Str8 - Persephonee
2008.08.23  -  New page: Endless Blizzard - 'Remember your Death'
2008.07.18  -  New page: Reviews of  'Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee'
2008.07.11  -  Article: MP., Deutscher Pop-Pionier Florian Fricke tot, in: Die Welt, 5-1-2002
2008.06.21  -  Update: Robert Eliscu
2008.06.21  -  Article: A.Covington, On Location, in: The Wire, 177, 1998
2008.06.13  -  Update: Conny Veit
2008.05.30  -  Update: Popol Vuh - Live
2008.05.26  -  Article: D.Mulder, Klaus Wiese Interview, 2007 
2008.04.29  -  Update: Il Gioco delle Ombre
2008.04.27  -  New page: Frank Fiedler & Guido Hieronymus - Instant Enlightment
2008.04.25  -  New page: Piero Pelù - U.D.S. L’uomo della strada
2008.04.24  -  Update: Unfinished Projects
2008.04.23  -  Article: F.Costantini, Musica e calcio, la stessa poesia, in: La Gazzetta di bari, 9-2-1999
2008.04.23  -  Article: M.Grill, Das Horn Gottes - Zum Tod des Rockmusikers Florian Fricke, in: FAZ, 3-1-2002
2008.04.22  -  Added: For You and Me Promo minicd. See: For You and Me
2008.04.22  -  New page: Kraut-Guru: zum Tod des Musikers und Kritikers Florian Fricke, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 3-1-2002
2008.04.22  -  Update: Sitemap
2008.04.17  -  New page: Affenstunde / Die Nacht der Seele
2008.04.16  -  New page: Jeder für sich und Gott gegen Alle
2008.04.15  -  Article: B.F.-Waldthausen, Das Alphabet des Körpers, in: AFA-magazine, 1995
2008.04.07  -  Article: G.Lucas, Epiphanies, in: The Wire, february 2002, p.98
2008.04.05  -  Article: M.Fuchs-Gamböck, Renaissance für den kraut-rock? , in: WOM, november, 1996, p.58-62
2008.04.02  -  Article: W.Burkhardt, Deutscher Rock auf eigenen Füssen, in: Zeitmagazin , nr. 34, 17-8-1973
2008.03.29  -  Article: Popol Vuh - Ihre Musik ist eine Kirche, in: Bravo, nr.37, 6-9-1973
2008.03.27  -  New page:  Gary Lucas vs. The Dark Poets - 'Beyond the Pale'.
2008.03.26  -  Article: Th.Veszelits, Schlachten mit Musik: Münchner Popgruppe  'Popol Vuh' im theater in der Brienner Strasse, in: AZ, 24 mai 1974